Chicken Lady Chicken

This week for Cook the Book Fridays we did chicken lady chicken on page 173 of David Lebovitz’ My Paris Kitchen.

This was another easy dish by David.  The most time consuming was the marinating of the  chicken.IMG_2062.JPG

You start by putting minced garlic and sea salt (I used Kosher) in the bag and crushing it with the heel of your hand to make a  paste.  Then you add olive oil, lemon juice, white wine, soy sauce, harissa, mustard and honey to the bag and mix well.

Then David instructs on how to debone a chicken, which I chose not to do and left it whole as it was just a chicken breast.  Once this is done, the chicken marinades for 1-2 days, flipping the bag a few times.  I found I was flipping every time I opened the refrigerator.

Then you brown the chicken in a  cast iron skillet with a weight on it (tinfoil on the chicken) and cook in the oven for 25 minutes, mine took a bit longer as it was whole.IMG_2064.JPG

David suggested serving with the raw vegetable slaw on p.96 but I opted for asparagus to go along with this.


It was extremely flavorful- NO more rotisserie chickens at the supermarket for me.

I loved this chicken and as long as I can plan enough for the marinade, I will repeat it .

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15 Responses to Chicken Lady Chicken

  1. Chez Nana says:

    I agree, I will not be buying from Costco anymore. This is so much better. Yours looks great.


  2. Now we can cook a better chicken in our own kitchen, store-bought rotisserie chickens just can’t compete. I’m with you.

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  3. Teresa says:

    It’s definitely worth the wait, isn’t it? I liked knowing that my weekend eating was in the refrigerator, biding its time.


  4. I agree. Good things come to those who wait and nothing store bought is quite like this!


  5. Yes, the marinade is so good! Totally makes it worthwhile. I want to try marinading for almost 2 days since I only did it overnight. Looks good and I bet it was delicious with asparagus!


  6. betsy says:

    Yum! If I could figure out how not to burn it, I’d give up Costco’s rotisserie chicken too.

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  7. Agree with you, this chicken is delicious! Looks like it is a winner with everyone!


  8. Emily says:

    Given we have enough space in the fridge for a two-day-marinating-period and space for leftovers-waiting-to-be-made-into-salads/sandwiches… a sure repeat recipe! But I might just follow in your footsteps and do chicken parts instead of whole! Asparagus looks good!


  9. Mary Hirsch says:

    Like you, I really thought the marinade produced a very moist chicken. Because it took up such a “big” presence in my small fridge, every time I opened my fridge, I also flipped it. Asparagus is always a great choice.

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