Ham, Blue cheese and Pear Quiche


This week’s recipe for Cook the Book Fridays with My Paris Kitchen by David Lebovitz was quiche on page 158.

This dish went together very quickly.  I cannot believe how the flavors blended and just were wonderful.  I added tarragon as David had suggested and really felt it added to the quiche.

You start by prepping the crust in a springform pan.  I have always used a deep pie plate, so this was different for me.  I found the quiche was easier to serve after being in the springform pan.

Then the shallots are sauteed and cooled, adding in the ham and pear.


Next the cream, eggs and cream cheese are whipped up together, and folding in the blue cheese, ham and pear.  The parsley and herb of choice is added and this is all poured into the prepared pie crust.  Use a spoon to be sure the ingredients are evenly distributed as they tend to migrate to the center of the pie.


The pie is cooked in the springform pan on a baking sheet.

I wish my pear had been a little riper as it was too firm when the quiche was done.  Also the center of my quiche never settled and firmed up, despite leaving it in the oven for nearly one hour.  ANy longer and it would have been dry on the edges.


Next time, I may substitute bacon for ham as suggested by David.

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12 Responses to Ham, Blue cheese and Pear Quiche

  1. Looks beautiful!! I wanted to use tarragon, but just planted mine and the stuff at the store looked awful. Glad to know it worked so well! I did use the bacon and it was pretty darned good. It took a long time for me in the oven as well, so you’re not alone there.

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    • hawley32 says:

      That is the funny thing about my tarragon- for some reason it has come back in the garden for 2 years now!! I am so happy to hear others did not set well- next time I will cook it longer.


  2. Love the idea of tarragon, but have not planted mine yet. Your quiche looks beautiful, I baked mine a lot longer than David suggested for the middle to cook through. I’m sure bacon would be a winner in this quiche.


    • hawley32 says:

      The tarragon was good but I had a hard time deciding what to add- I wanted to add everything! Lesson learned, will cook longer- that is the nice thing about having the actual book- you can make notes in them


  3. Teresa says:

    Newly planted tarragon seems to be a theme – I just transplanted some tarragon that miraculously overwintered, so didn’t want to stress it out. But, I can imagine how good it would be in this quiche. All the stories of people having trouble with their quiches fully setting is making me glad I went the mini quiche route.


  4. Fabulous – I love the idea of tarragon in this one too! Thanks for taking part this week!


  5. Renee says:

    Tarragon and eggs go so well together! I don’t have any planted yet this year- so behind! Looks like a really good quiche! I am sure it delicious too!

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  6. Emily says:

    I do agree with you and DL on adding tarragon, I used a bit of it in one of my two quiches. My baking time was longer (for the larger quiche) than stipulated too.


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